The Great Book of Everything

Jon’s alter egos, including the Polish Professor of Negativity, Zen Master Zero, Manuel (Who Pleases the Women), and Prescott Beauregard, tell the thrill-a-minute tale of his ill-fated attempt to become an Intellectual Guerrilla, 1970s style, with the help of cheap wine, disco, French philosophy, and a primitive Panasonic word processor.

Thrill to Jon’s doomed attempt to write the Great Book of Everything—a monumental work of poetry, philosophy, and inebriation that could only end up as—the Breakdown Book.
As the characters explore Jon’s fervid, fragmentary memories of the Seventies, they celebrate a time when it was still possible to believe that neo-Marxist cultural theory, Robert Altman movies, and Gallo Hearty Mountain Burgundy could change the world.

A New, More Dynamic You!

The gloves come off as Jon's characters explore each other—and take a no-holds-barred look at Jon himself!
Performance-art therapy, A New, More Dynamic You!-style, has been revolutionizing the way we relate to one another since 2011. Bryant Lake Bowl audiences have been profoundly moved, healed, and tickled by their interactions with Zen Master Zero, Manuel (Who Pleases the Women), Father Duffy, Prescott Beauregard, and Jon's other alter egos. He's added beaver-friendly Japanese star-architect K, call-center veteran Lars from Bangalore, post-digital visionary TED, and the Snoose Boulevard Vaudeville Ghost to the mix.

ANMDY dares to go deeper as the characters probe one another and even explore Jon's own twisted past, including his years as a child actor in Michigan, his career as a Harvard-educated security guard, and his inappropriate behavior on a cruise ship bound for Antarctica.


Vic from Cranston, Rhode Island

The Polish Professor of Negativity

The Depressed Motivational Speaker

Zen Master Zero

Manuel who Pleases the Women

Philander T. Overman

Prescott Beauregard

Father Duffy

German Accent Guy

Lars from Bangalore


Snoose Boulevard Vaudeville Ghost

K (animal-friendly Japanese architect)


Audience comments

"I laughed really hard while I was at the show, then the next day I did therapy with my clients from a richer place. I didn't expect that!" - Carol Wichers, Minneapolis

"Jon's humor is smart satire that's never anything but kind. That's a rare combination." - Elizabeth Burns, Minneapolis   |   651.788.0953